About www.KaSi.africa
Where Africa Meets.

KaSi is "Where Africa Meets"
www.KaSi.africa is a mission to connect the world to #AllThingsKaSi.
We are the gateway to the pulse of Africa.

We define the word KaSi based on our experience of Africa over the years.

KaSi (noun) 

A term commonly used in Southern Africa to refer to all coastal and inland areas that are typically classified as rural, township, formal and informal settlements, traditional and/or indigent areas, and villages. These areas are a mix of high and low-population-density geographical locations, generally established outside of urban centres. These communities are predominantly home to Africans. They are where Africa meets and connects with its essence. Kasi is commonly associated with a distinct cultural identity, characterised by a vibrant community spirit, creativity, and resilience in the face of adversity. The spirit of Ubuntu, which emphasises sharing, unity, and community, is deeply ingrained in the fabric of kasi.

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KaSi communities are the rhythmic heartbeats of Africa, each with its own unique pulse, collectively orchestrating the continent's vibrant symphony. Just as veins carry life's essence to the heart, these diverse communities infuse the continent with culture, resilience, and the vitality of humanity.