A Word From Itsoseng FM About Their Relaunch After A Year of Radio Silence

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In the Itsoseng township, where challenges are plenty and opportunities are scarce, a familiar voice is rising once again.

In the Itsoseng township, where challenges are plenty and opportunities are scarce, a familiar voice is rising once again. Itsoseng FM, a community radio station that went on air for a bit and went silent for about a year due to various challenges, including issues that resulted in a court case, according to various sources, and the quest for an elusive license from ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa). However, it now seems to be back and ready to make a difference in the lives of the people of Itsoseng.

A Journey Through History:

Itsoseng is a township with a rich yet complex history. Established in 1963, it emerged as a result of forceful removals orchestrated by the Apartheid Government. The township was founded on a privately owned farm known as De Hoop, which carried a name laden with symbolism. Some argue that “De Hoop” represented the uprooting of people from their original homes, leaving them in an unfamiliar place with the hope that they would rebuild their lives. However, the truth is that those who were uprooted had thriving communities in their places of origin, and the move to De Hoop was a disruptive and painful experience.

The township’s diverse population includes people from various places, such as Potchefstroom, Sannieshof, Lichtenburg, Coligny, Bakerville (Matikiring), and Ventersdorp. This is evident in the section names within Itsoseng, such as Potch and Matikiring, which are named after these places of origin. These names serve as a collective memory, connecting the residents to their roots.

Itsoseng FM: Could it be a beacon of Hope?

Itsoseng FM, the community’s radio station, emerged as a source of pride and joy for the people of Itsoseng. It represents an opportunity to showcase the abundant talent of both the young and old residents, bridging the gap between heritage and modern culture. The station, from what we’ve seen, is available through its website and their chosen platform to broadcast online. In a chat with one of the key people, Tapo, who is driving the launch and establishment of the platform we’ve learned that analog, print, radio, and television include future ambitions of Itsoseng FM.

The journey of Itsoseng FM has not been without its challenges. An interruption of about a year was necessitated by difficulties within its operational makeup and the pursuit of an official license from ICASA, the regulatory authority for the South African communications sector. Obtaining this license has, so far, proven an unsuccessful endeavour for the Itsoseng FM.

Sticking to the name “Itsoseng”:

After a period of uncertainty, Itsoseng FM seems to have made a triumphant return with a test run on Wednesday, the 30th of August. The station is focusing on “the afternoon drive” from 3 to 6 PM, aiming to engage and entertain the community during these peak hours.

The challenges faced by Itsoseng are not unique to the township. Itsoseng represents countless communities in South Africa striving for progress and opportunities. The return of Itsoseng FM signifies a renewed commitment to uplifting the community, providing a platform for local voices, and addressing the unique issues faced by Itsoseng residents. Whether Itsoseng FM will soar to new heights of success or go through a repeat episode is a fate that remains to be seen.

A Call to Support:

Tapo shares that Itsoseng FM is not just a radio station; it’s a symbol of community strength and resilience. For their team, it represents the hopes and aspirations of the people of Itsoseng and the surrounding areas, including Bodibe, Springbokpan, Shiela, Verdwaal, Matile, Meetmaakar, Lichtenburg, and beyond.

To ensure the continued success of Itsoseng FM, the station has called upon the community to show its unwavering support. Whether through tuning in, spreading the word, or participating in station activities, every contribution counts. Itsoseng FM is not just the pride and joy of their team; it’s a beacon of hope for the future of townships in the digital world and beyond.

For more information and to get involved, you can reach out to Itsoseng FM through WhatsApp at +2763 452 5736 or email at info@itsosengfm.co.za. You can also visit their website at www.itsosengfm.co.za and stay connected with them on Broadcast Live.

As Itsoseng FM reclaims its place as a station for the KASI, it’s an opportunity for Itsoseng and its people to stand together, united by a common voice and a shared vision for a brighter future.