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Did you know that you earn points every time you #engage on KaSi? The points and wallet can only be used on the KaSi platform.
Check your points here: https://kasi.africa/setting/my_points
This is how you earn:
- 20 points by commenting on any post
- 50 points by creating a new post
- 10 points by reacting to any post
- 500 points for creating a new blog. Note your blog is subject to approval and can take a few days.
When you reach 100 points, they automatically go to your wallet. You can then use the credit in your wallet to:
- Boost posts
- Pay for Ads on the KaSi platform
- Upgrade your membership package
- Contact the KaSi team for special services (e.g. CV/portfolio design, Web Design, Logo Creation, Recording Studio time, Access to Verified KaSi Hub Partner Facilities, etc.)
KaSi.africa uses it unique Duela currency, represented by the "Ðu". The Ðu is on a 1:1 ratio with the Rand (ZAR).
Wena just #pushakasi. Get involved in #allthingskasi by posting, commenting, sharing, writing, etc.
Our KaSi is where Africa meets - explore the pulse of Africa!